Wool Twist Carpet

Wool Twist Carpet

Herts Carpets stock a wide range of different carpets and flooring materials. One of the most popular types of carpets which we sell is the wool twist carpet. This is available across Hertfordshire to all of our customers – at discounted prices.

We have included below lots of information regarding Wool Twist carpets, and why this may be just what you are looking for if you are considering buying a new carpet this summer!

Wool Twist Carpet is usually sold in an 80/20 wool/polypropylene content but can also be bought as a 50/50 or as a 20/80, but usually the better quality wool carpets are 80/20.

The quality of an 80/20 wool twist carpets is usually measured in weight and usually measured in ounces. A 80/20 wool twist carpet usually starts at a 30oz which is medium domestic, most 80/20’s have a 40oz pile weight, which is heavy domestic and paired with a quality underlay will last a very long time. 50oz, 60oz, 70oz is also available within certain carpet ranges but it is not necessarily better quality, just a longer pile. If looking for stair carpet, lounge, hallway etc. then a 40oz pile weight is more than adequate.

Wool carpets usually come in 4 and 5 metre widths and can be bought in a plain colour or with a fleck, which usually means there are a few colours mixed into the body of the carpet to give it a heathered effect.

When considering wool carpets, you should always choose a practical colour as well as the quality, as with 3 dogs, 4 kids and a messy husband a cream plain carpet will probably not even last looking new a few days, so your carpet colour should also reflect your lifestyle, if it gets a lot of traffic go for a twist pile like a triple twist berber carpet or a dark colour, which will avoid displaying every mark.

Wool twists carpets are one of the best carpets to go for when buying for your home.

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We also found the following recent question on a forum:

Manmade vs wool carpets???

I’m looking for a carpet for my stairs, landing and bedrooms. Went for a look round Carpet Right (not going to buy there, just for ideas), and expected to be pointed in the direction of expensive wool carpets; but no. I was advised that I should go for polypropylene because I have small children. Apparently you can bleach it and it is virtually impossible to stain it.

So, is their advice right; should I be going for manmade over wool? Does it wear well? No point in being completely stain-free if it’s in holes after a couple of years! Also, if polypropylene is the way to go, how do I tell the difference between one poly over another – other than price is there a way of telling which is the best?

Any advice gratefully received, I’ve never bought a carpet in my life!

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Herts Carpets view is that the higher the wool content the better as the more wool that is in the carpet the more hard wearing the carpet will be. However artificial materials are typically cheaper than wool, so this is why many carpets that we sell have a mixture of wool and synthetic fibres.

The one challenge that wool carpets do have is that they can potentially fade, this is particularly noticeable on darker carpets where furniture has been left in one place for a long period of time. This will be less noticeable on lighter coloured carpets and the majority of carpets that we have sold over recent months and years are tending to be lighter coloured.

Herts Carpets offer a very wide selection of discounted carpets across Hertfordshire, including wool twists with both pure wool and mixed synthetic fibres. Contact us today to book an estimate with a member of our team and we will be happy to identify suitable carpets for your requirements.