The Types of Commercial Carpets

Hertfordshire Commercial Carpets

Commercial carpets are typically designed to provide similar features as carpets for residential properties, including different colours which may match the interior or design of a building, as well as being tough a resilient as commercial premises will typically have higher levels of traffic the the average residential property.

Herts Carpets provide a wide range of commercial carpets, and here we provide you with an overview of the different types of commercial carpets available.

Loop piles are one of the most common and potentially one of the best options for commercial carpeting. In particular they are very well suited to high traffic areas of commercial buildings, such as corridors and lobbies. Low density loop piles are the most common choice for commercial carpets as they have the following features: easy to clean as not a deep pile, low density loop piles also provide a smooth service  so that it possible to push furnishings and wheeled chairs etc across very easily.

Tufted carpets are composed of multiple piles of yarn which is put together to create the tufts. These carpets are stitched as opposed to being woven. Tufted carpets will have a deeper pile than a low density loop pile carpet, but they are still relatively short pile commercial carpets.

Woven carpets are as the name suggests woven. They can be very long lasting and sturdy carpets made from a variety of different fibres.

The budget which you have for your commercial flooring will determine the materials which you select. Most of our customers tend to select commercial carpets which are synthetic as they tend to be better with stains, although a wood deep pile is the preference if you are seeking provide a feeling of luxury for your offices and your clients that are visiting.