The right carpet for your living room

Choosing the right carpet for your living room can make a significant difference to the way the room looks and feels.  therefore it is very important to select the right carpet with complements both your settee, other soft furnishings and your wallpaper.

High quality and luxury carpets in Hertfordshire

Herts Carpets - quality carpets, competitive prices!

Herts Carpets – quality carpets, competitive prices!

High quality and luxury carpets in Hertfordshire

The modern approach is choosing light and neutral colours in ones living area. Accordingly the majority of our customers are choosing grey and white carpets, as opposed to dark colours. White carpets obviously come with a health warning, particularly if you have any pets for children in your house. Grey carpets tend to be more hard-wearing whilst being easier to clean and whilst still maximizing the feel of space and light in living areas.

Darker carpets can also be effective, but they tend to absorb any light, and this can leave the space feeling darker and less spacious. Therefore we tend to point our customers towards neutral carpets, which are easily cleaned and hard wearing.

Matching neutral colours is a lot easier than brighter colours as well therefore the interior designers that we work with tend to err on the side of caution with brighter colours using similar coloured curtains fabrics for sofas cushions mirrors and wallpaper will encourage reflection of light throughout the room and make the room feel more spacious and peaceful.

In addition the use of rugs on top of the carpet can be used to create segments or separated areas in the space this can be an effective way particularly in larger rooms  to create seating areas or similar.

One of the most important element with any carpet is the underlay. Choosing a good underlay will potentially make even a mid-range carpet feel extremely luxurious and make it last longer. We typically provide a minimum of 11mm underlay, which is of very good quality, and will ensure that your carpet lasts for the maximum possible time, whilst giving very good comfort underfoot.

Herts carpets stock a wide range of different colours materials and textured carpets across Hertfordshire and we are confident that we can accommodate your requirements at very cheap prices we will match any written quote in Hertfordshire.