Level Loop Pile Carpets Hertfordshire

Level Loop Pile Carpets Hertfordshire

Level Loop Pile Carpets HertfordshireA level loop pile carpet is manufactured by a loop structure. The loops of the thread or yard are evenly looped into the backing material of the carpet at both ends. Level loop pile carpets are extremely hard wearing and are considered to be one of the more durable types of carpet. Loop pile carpets will typically have a natural appearance despite the carpets often being manufactured using synthetic materials.

There are a range of different height of loops which can be achieved with higher pile carpets creating a more luxurious effect. However, the higher the loops the more difficult the carpet will be to clean as fibres and dirt can potentially get trapped under the loops of the level loop pile carpet.

Level loop pile carpet can be used in high traffic areas, although this type of carpet is not recommended for houses with pets, due to the loops in the carpet, as this will potentially get snagged by pets claws, which can result in damage to the loops.

Level loop pile carpets are manufactured in a wide range of materials, although the most popular are synthetic fibres, or a blend of synthetic fibres with wool.

In terms of maintenance, level loop pile carpets are relatively easy to maintain and they will require a weekly vacuum, and an annual professional clean. The vacuuming is design to pull up any stray materials and the professional clean will dislodge any stray materials and dirt which is trapped underneath the fibres. Regular cleaning will ensure that you maintain your level loop pile carpet for the maximum useful life.

Herts Carpets provide level loop pile carpets in St Albans, Watford, Radlett, Bushey, Borehamwood, London Colney, Hatfield, Welwyn Garden City, Hemel Hempstead, Harpenden and across the remainder of the county.

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