How Is Carpet Made?

You probably walk on carpet every single day, step by step. But have you ever stopped to wonder how it is made? If you haven’t, you may be interested to find out just where your carpet that you see each and every day comes from.

There are two key ways to make carpet, the first way is known as tufting and the second way is known as weaving. Herts Carpets has compiled the following information for those that are interested!

What is Tufting?

Tufting is a method in which carpet is made using computers directing machines to the type of patterns and colours of yarn. Typically, synthetic yarn is used to construct carpeting by the method of tufting.

The first step in tufting is to ensure that the fibres are weaved into the backing of the carpet. The tufting machine is similar to a large sewing machine that uses up to 2,000 needles to pull the yarn together and through the backing. Many machines are as large as twelve feet wide. A process known as a loop pile construction is used to create the carpeting.

The next step in tufting is to dye the colour into the carpeting. Carpeting can be dyed using a single colour or through silk screens to create a pattern or style. The last step a latex coating is applied to the tufted backing. The final step in tufting the carpet in Hertfordshire is to remove all the loose ends left over by shearing. These are checked before the carpeting is sent to the stores in a quality check.

What is weaving?

Weaving can be done by hand or by looms with machines. Fibbers which are known as warps are placed onto a frame vertically and then stretched and pulled it tight to provide tension while the yarn is then weaved over. Once the weaving is finished newer fibres known as wefts are then placed horizontally over the yarn to secure the warps in place.

Carpets that are woven are typically much more expensive than tufted carpets, but the price is due to the natural materials used in the carpeting versus the synthetic use in tufting.


When you are thinking about purchasing a new carpet or replacing the one you got, you may want to research the best type of carpets available to you. Herts Carpets provide both woven and tufted carpets in wide range of fabric, colours and styles. Tufted carpet may be less expensive, but if you are looking for a better quality of carpet, you may opt for a woven carpet for a better long lasting look, combined with high quality underlay it is possible to purchase a cheaper carpet, but still have the same luxurious feel.

Woven carpeting is made from natural fibres which allow a better life expectancy than the synthetic ones from tufting. By doing your research ahead of time, you can ensure you choose the right style and type of carpeting.