Hertfordshire Carpets – Our Work June 2016

The past few weeks has been very busy for Herts Carpets, and we have been supplying and fitting carpets across Hertfordshire. We have fitted a number of new carpets along with vinyl flooring for a number of new customers. Please find included below some of our recent work.

We have also created a new video showcasing our work, which is included below:


Herts Carpets Recent Work Stairs Preperation Herts Carpets Recent Work Stairs Completed Herts Carpets Purple Stairs Carpet Herts Carpets Stairs Downwards Herts Carpets Large Room Herts Carpets Large Room Completed Herts Carpets Stairs Corner Carpet Herts Carpets Grey Carpet Stairs Bottom Herts Carpets Stairs Prep Turn Herts Carpets Vinyl meeting Grey Carpet Herts Carpet Kitchen Floor Herts Carpet Kitchen Floor 2 Herts Carpet Kitchen Floor 3 Herts Carpet Kitchen 4 Herts Carpet Vinyl Doorway Herts Carpet Vinyl into Kitchen Herts Carpets Brown Small Bedroom Herts Carpets Brown Landing Herts Carpets Striped Carpet Stairs Herts Carpets Striped Carpet Bottom of Stairs Herts Carpets Stair Shot

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