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Commercial Carpets Herts

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Choosing a high quality carpet for your house or office can make your property or business feel much more inviting, comfortable and add flare or design to your property. In history, prior to the 1950s having carpet in property was a luxury item which was primarily reserved for wealthy individuals. Since this period there have been significant advancements in a wide variety of different materials and fibers that are now used to manufacturer carpets, manufacturing methods have vastly improved, and accordingly the costs associated with having a carpet has dropped significantly.

During the 1950s the types of carpet, fibres, textures and colours were extremely limited. This meant that carpets were expensive and did not last for a long period of time. Since mass scale manufacturing has been introduced, and a wide range of synthetic carpets have been manufactured this now means that the range of carpets is significant, including a wide range of density’s or “pile” as this is known in the carpet world, as well as long lasting carpets that can be carefully matched to compliment a property.

Purchasing a carpet for your house or property can still be an expensive process, and furthermore a significant investment. If you are planning to continue living in your house or trade from your business premises for many years to come you want to choose carpet which is high quality, and will look as good in 10-15 years’ time as it does today. To ensure that your carpet maintains its finish for a number of years, we have included below some ideas and suggestions that you should consider.

Carpet Usage – It is important to identify a carpet which matches the type of useage which you are anticipating. Not all types of carpet will be suitable for every room. When you begin to seek to identify your carpet it is important that you understand the level of traffic which will be going through each room, does it have access to the outside and the mud and muck that comes with that? If you have children will certainly determine the colours that you choose, with many homeowners looking a darker colours to cover up those inevitable stains which will no doubt happen as soon as the carpet is installed! Even topics such as whether a room receives direct sunlight will make a difference in terms of the types of carpet which can be installed, as some carpets are much more fragile than others.

Carpet colour – As mentioned above, if you have children this will be an important factor in identifying the carpet colour. However, this is also an important factor for a number of other reasons, including; traffic – if you have lots of people walking through a room, then having a bright white carpet is probably not going to be sensible. Eating – if you are eating in a room then there will no doubt be spillages and accidents, so again the bright white carpet will probably not be the best first choice!

Carpet underlay – Choosing the right underlay for your carpet can make a significant difference to the lifespan of the carpet. High quality underlay can extend the life of a carpet for many many years. The default option for most people when buying carpet is to go for the cheapest underlay available, however this is generally not considered to be the best choice. Having thicker and better quality underlay will extend the life of the carpet. In addition, thicker and higher quality underlay will make the carpet more comfortable and ensure that even if you have purchased a cheaper carpet that it continues to feel luxurious. The primary purchase of underlay is to reduce friction which is naturally generated when walking over carpet between the carpet and the flooring material, i.e. floor boards or concrete over which the carpet has been laid. It is extremely important to choose the best quality underlay that you can afford as otherwise this will literally take years off the life of the carpet. We have put together a list of the key types of different underlay options which are available and this can be visited by clicking underlay Hertfordshire here!

Carpet budget – The cost of carpets can be significant. Budget is a big consideration for all parties. Prices of carpet in Hertfordshire can range from as little as £5 per square meter up to £150 per square meter. As you would anticipate, it is normally the case that the more that you spend the better quality carpet that you will purchase. That said, there are a number of mixed type carpets which contain both wool and synthetic fibres which are very affordable and still have the look and feel of high quality carpet. In reality if you are carpeting a high traffic area, or somewhere that you have children or food and drinks, it may not be sensible to purchase the most expensive carpet. Also you need to consider that areas like bedrooms also have much less footfall and traffic, and therefore it may be sensible to get different types of carpeting for different rooms. If you have a colour scheme then obviously you may also choose to match this. Most carpets come in a range of colours, so it may be possible to have the same carpet range throughout your property in different colours.

Carpet maintenance – Whether you choose a very cheap carpet or a top of the range carpet, carpet maintenance is extremely important. Good maintenance practices will ensure that you get the best possible life-span from the carpet. The key maintenance is keeping the carpet clean and in most houses this is now carried out by vacuuming. Regular cleaning of your carpet removes all of the materials and substances which get between the fibres and will eventually cause the carpet to deteriorate. It is sensible to ensure that you remove these materials and the most effective way of doing this is by getting the vacuum out on a regular basis.

Carpet cleaning – Having carpets cleaned can be an expensive process, however to maximise the life of your carpet you should have it professionally cleaned once or twice a year. Using a vacuum cleaner will maintain the carpet, but using a professional carpet cleaner will wet the carpet and draw out any deeper stains and materials which are the ones which will damage the carpet. For most people they only choose to have their carpets cleaned if there is an obvious stain which they are not able to remove. It’s important to think beyond this and get the

With a routine approach to both carpet maintenance and cleaning this will extend the life of your carpet significantly, giving you a much better return on investment.

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