Fitting Carpets

Fitting Carpets

People love carpet for its cushy feel and warm tone compared to the rigidity of flooring with a hard surface. Carpet is also relatively easy to maintain if properly cared for, making it a common choice in homes everywhere. When the time comes to have it installed, hiring a professional is a quick and painless way to get the job done. Herts Carpets are a specialist carpets and flooring supplier located and working in and around Hertfordshire, specialising in carpet fitting across Hertfordshire. Painless until the bill comes due, that is. Since saving money is important to pretty much the entire population of the world, countless DIYers will be having a go at fitting their own carpet. Just remember, it can be a frustrating job if not done properly, and there are some things that must be kept in mind in order to ensure success.

To start with the extremely obvious, be sure to measure the room in which the carpet is going to be fitted. Once measured, go ahead and do it again – there is a reason “measure twice and cut once” is a ubiquitous saying. After any old carpet is removed and the subfloor is clean, the new carpet can be brought in. Some say to keep the carpet uninstalled inside the home for a day because it will either expand or shrink based on the climate inside, but whether or not you want to do that is up to you. Now that these preliminary steps have been completed, the real fun can begin.

Fitting the carpet begins with the poorly named tackless strips, also called grippers, which is far more appropriate. These are small strips that do, in fact, have rows of extremely sharp tacks on one side, which will be what holds the carpet in place. The grippers should be placed about half an inch (about 13 mm) from the wall, though they should not be placed in doorways. Once this is completed, put the foamy underpad down in strips and staple it down with a staple hammer, using duct tape to keep the strips together.

Finally, after all that prep work, it’s time for the main event, which is the unveiling of a brand new carpet. It should have already been cut, leaving some excess just to be on the safe side, and ready to roll out. After the carpet is in the proper position, it is time to take out your frustrations with a knee kicker. Use this tool to grip the carpet about a foot and a half (half a meter) from the wall and then ram the padded side with your knee, using as much force as safely possible. Not only will this stretch the carpet so it is attached to the grippers, but it will make you feel better to let loose a bit after what has likely been a tiresome process. A carpet stretcher will attach most of the rest of the carpet with little effort, and the knee kicker will only need to be used where the stretcher cannot reach. Once this step is completed, the job is pretty much finished, but for some trimming where necessary. This won’t be an easy job by any means, but it can be done with a bit of patience and know-how.

Herts carpets are very pleased to fit carpets for our customers, and we provide a cost-effective solution for the following services across Hertfordshire: carpet fitting, carpet stretching, carpet repairs and carpet adaption. We offer a wide range of cheap carpets and flooring materials and offer highly competitive prices.

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