Different types of carpet repair

Damaged carpet

Different types of carpet repair

If you have damaged your carpet and it needs to be repaired, there are a number of different ways which you can repair your carpet. We would always recommend getting a professional to carry out the repairs to ensure that you get the best possible result, although many carpet fitters will not be happy with carrying out repairs themselves.

Here we will discuss a number of the most common types of repair and how they are used. Herts Carpets are experienced in all of these types of carpet repairs and we would be very pleased to assist with your carpet repair requirements.

Carpet stretching

If your carpet has not been installed properly then it can be possible to get ripples or bunched up areas in your carpet then you will likely require carpet stretching. In most instances it is possible to carry out carpet stretching to remove any bunched up areas of carpet.

Carpet patching

If you have any area of carpet which has got damaged such as a hole or stain that can’t be removed then you are likely to require a carpet patch. Effectively this is where the carpet is cut, and then a replacement piece of carpet is used to replace the piece which has been cut out. Where possible it is best to use a piece of the original carpet to carry out this repair, so always keep those off-cuts to be on the safe side!

When adding the patch it is very important to ensure that the patch which you are replacing is exactly the right size, and that this is securely fastened when it is added to the carpet.

Loop replacement

If you have a loop pile carpet, such as a berber, then it is sometimes the case that one of the loops gets pulled. When this happens this can run and cause the carpet to have a thread pulled across an area of the carpet. In this instance then it is sometimes possible to replace the area with carpet patching, or alternatively the carpet can be re-glued.

Stair replacement

The first step on the stair tends to wear more than the later stairs on the carpet, and this is a combination of more dirt being deposited on the bottom stair. Therefore it is common for the first step on the stairs to get more damaged than the later steps. When carpet is laid on the stairs, each stair is fitted separately. Therefore it is always recommended to keep some of the offcuts when your carpet is fitted for any repairs.

If you keep the offcuts then you can easily pull up the previous carpet and lay the replacement in its place. Alternatively if multiple steps are required to be re-carpeted then it may be more cost effective to use the carpet from a single room, if for example the hallway, stairs and landing all have the same carpets on them as well as for example the bedrooms. Then you can get a different carpet for one of the bedroom, and pull up the carpet and use this on the stairs.

We have included below a video which demonstrates some of the most common repairs, and how these can be carried out, we would always advocate having a professional carry out the repairs as this will ensure that the finish is high quality.

Herts Carpets specialise in carpet repairs in Hertfordshire, and we always try to reuse as many materials as possible to ensure that we keep the costs as low as possible. Visit our website for all carpet repairs in Hertfordshire and a member of our team will be very pleased to provide a no obligation consultation and provide a free estimate.

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