Cut Pile Carpets Hertfordshire

Cut Pile Carpets Hertfordshire


Cut Pile Carpet Hertfordshire

Cut pile carpets are a type of carpet manufacturing which provide customers with a very luxurious feel to their carpet. All carpets begin as a loop pile, which is effectively loops of material, and then with a cut pile carpet the loops are cut.

There are a wide range of carpets which incorporate a cut pile, and these include some of the most popular, being plush, Saxony and frieze.

Cut Pile Carpets are generally considered to be good for families or with pets, as the carpet is not looped and therefore cannot be snagged by a child or a pet. The positives of cut pile carpets is that there a wide range of different colours and materials out of which the carpet can be manufactured as well as a wide range of different colours and price points, which are obviously subject to materials provided etc.

The negatives around cut pile carpets is that the carpets do sometimes fray, which will create a frayed looked which will create an uneven tread if this is to happen. This is less common with the more expensive ranges, and realistically is more likely to happen in high traffic areas, where a Berber may be more appropriate, this is not going to happen overnight, and you should expect a minimum of 5+ years good wear out of the carpet before this needs to be replaced.

It is also possible to get cut and loop pile carpets which is a combination of loops and cut pile. This gives different textures in the carpet and can be a great way of creating patterns in the carpet.

In reality whether you choose a loop pile or a cut pile carpet this really doesn’t take into consideration the quality of the carpet, each material and manufacturer will be aiming at a different part of the marketplace.

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