How to Clean Mud From Carpets

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Mud on carpets is inevitable for some of us. From pets to kids to adults, no one is perfect when it comes to removing shoes or pets staying on the tile until cleaned. Here are a few easy ideas to help make cleaning mud and dirt from carpets a little easier.

Mud – it invariably gets tracked into your house and onto your rugs and carpets. If you have pets, you know they can’t remove their shoes when they come in on a rainy day! You might lay down a towel for the animals to walk over when they come in, but that is often not enough (and animals can be really sneaky about avoiding the towel).

Kids and grown-ups alike may forget to take off their muddy boots or shoes at the door, or tromp on in and get mud on the carpet before they take off their footwear.

Mud can get on your carpets all year round for all of the above reasons and other reasons. In the winter, it can become particularly bad; home dwellers wear boots and the weather tends to be wet with snow and/or rain. If you burn firewood in the winter, that can get mud on your carpets and rugs, too.

So what is the best way to clean mud from carpets and rugs? Here are some tips.

Let It Dry

It’s very tempting to jump right in and clean the mud immediately, but it may make things easier in the end if you allow the mud to dry. One thing you can do right away while the mud is wet is scoop up any clumps with an old spoon and paper towels. Then, allow the mud to dry.


Once the mud has become dry dirt, vacuum the area thoroughly, going over the spots multiple times. Use a full-sized vacuum, not a hand-held one, because you’ll need plenty of power to get the dirt up. If you need to, use a dry scrub brush to loosen the dried mud before and while you vacuum.

Stain Removal

If, after the scooping, drying, and vacuuming, there is still a stain, then you need to take more action. If you have a carpet that is not acetate or rayon, you can use a cloth to rub in some rubbing alcohol. Then cover the stain with several layers of paper towels dampened with rubbing alcohol. The paper towels will begin to absorb the stain.

As you see this discoloration happening, replace the paper towels with fresh, alcohol-dampened ones. Make sure you keep the stain and the paper towels damp with the alcohol.


Another method to attacking the stain after vacuuming is to use dish detergent. Mix 2 teaspoons of liquid dish detergent with 2 cups of hot water in the mixing bowl of an electric mixer. Then whip the mixture at high speed until you get a thick, rich foam.

Using a sponge, apply this thick foam to the stain and rub it in well. Then rinse the sponge and go over the area with warm water. Finally, use clean rags or paper towels to blot the carpet. The stain should be soaked up into the rags as you blot.

Of course if you have a carpet cleaner then by all means us it to get the left-over stain out.

Mud on carpets is inevitable for some of us. Choose the method that works best for your carpet and say good-bye to mud and dirt.

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