How to choose a carpet colour for your carpet in Harpenden

Choosing your carpet colour in Harpenden will in many regards be determined by the weather, no white carpet in the hallway, otherwise, particularly if you have children that’s going to get muddy. The Hertfordshire climate is changeable at best, as it is across the UK. Herts Carpets provide high quality flooring materials in Harpenden and across Hertfordshire, we have a long track record of delivering quality flooring at competitive prices.

So, to get started you need to consider how long you are going to want to keep the carpet for. This will determine the colours which you are able to have, as the longer you have the carpet the more likely you are to get stains and marks on the carpet.

In addition, if you have any children or animals this will certainly impact the life of the carpet and how long you will be able to keep it clean. Obviously carpet cleaning is an option, and modern techniques are very effective, so don’t completely rule out lighter colours, but they are prone to attracting accidents.

Modern homes are increasingly having coloured carpets, with stripes and patterns all the rage. The challenge with these types of carpets is that you will need to buy a lot more than anticipated to get the patterns to match particularly if you have a large space, as the supplier will need to match the pattern.

A common theme is greys (my wife loves this colour), and these are good with marks and stains, particularly if you choose a mixed type of carpet which contains an element of wool, but also some synthetic fibres. This will ensure that if there is a stain it can be removed relatively easily.

Considering the area that the carpet is going to be located will normally determine the colour. Higher traffic areas will probably want darker colours as they tend to be more hardwearing, for bedrooms and living rooms lighter colours and deeper piles as they tend to be more comfortable.

Pricing is critical, so if you are looking for carpet for rental property in Harpenden or the surrounding area then you will want a cheaper carpet, however with decent underlay this can make a difference, so it can still feel soft and luxurious. However, if you are looking for your own home, then you will definitely want a carpet which is either fully wool, or majority wool and minority synthetic fibres.

Herts Carpets provide carpets in Harpenden and the surrounding area, we stock ranges from a minimum of £7.50psm up to £150psm for the most expensive lines. We can provide an immediate quote, and we would be delighted to do some business with you. Fill in our contact form today to get in touch!