Cheap Carpets Hertfordshire.

Herts Carpets provide cheap carpets across Hertfordshire. We have a wide database of existing customers and suppliers and accordingly can accommodate all of our customers carpet and flooring requirements at very competitive prices. We are able to provide cheap carpets across Hertfordshire as we do not have an expensive retail premises, and make a small margin on the carpet and flooring materials that we sell which ensures that our customers get the very best prices when they use our carpet and flooring materials in Hertfordshire.

Why are we cheaper than the competition?

Well we are a small business, and we are able to operate on a lower margin than our competitors as we run our carpet business as a mobile business, as opposed to having a retail premises. We work with a number of local estate agents, and also businesses where we provide flooring and carpets at very competitive prices.

How can you provide all of the carpet in my house for £800?

Easily! This above offer is based upon an average sized house in Hertfordshire and is using our entry level flooring and carpets. If you choose to have a different range then the price will increase to reflect the uplift in price. We are consistently able to deliver carpets to our customer at these prices, meaning that you can have peace of mind and confidence regarding our cheap carpets in Hertfordshire.

Are these carpets low quality because they are so cheap?

The carpets that we provide are all manufactured by some of the UK’s leading carpet manufacturers. However, like all things in life you get what you pay for! If you want high quality wool carpets, then we will not be able to carpet your whole house for £800, more likely to be double this price or potentially higher. However, if you are comfortable with synthetic fibre carpets then we can definitely help.

We will match any written quote

Part of our philosophy is provide the best flooring materials at competitive prices, accordingly we will match, and more likely beat any written quote for carpet and flooring materials from Hertfordshire.

If you are looking for cheap carpet in Hertfordshire, please book an estimate with a member of our team today, and we are very confident that you will satisfied with both the prices that we provide for both flooring and carpet materials and also the level of service which you receive from our team.