Polyfloor LVT Kitchen and Hallway installed in Harpenden

Herts Carpets the Harpenden Flooring company based at 7 Piggotshill Lane, Southdown, Harpenden are pleased to showcase our latest LVT (luxury vinyl tile) installation completed for our client Liz in Harpenden. We installed Colonia LVT Balmoral in colourway Grey Slate, which is manufactured by Polyfoor, for our clients kitchen and hallway. We think it looks fantastic we hope you do too!

LVT Installation Harpenden
LVT Harpenden
Grey LVT Harpenden
Kitchen LVT Harpenden

LVT or luxury vinyl tile is a relatively new entrant to the flooring market and provides a robust and fantastic finish to any room. The key features of LVT flooring are as follows:

  • Water resistant
  • Scratch & scuff resistance
  • Many ranges off a natural look & feel
  • Easy to maintain and to clean
  • Limited shrinkage and expansion
  • Most ranges offer a slip resistance rating of R10

The Colonia Balmoral LVT range from Polyfloor is available in 26 different colourways ranging from Natural Limestone to Black Marble to a range of Oaks to Grey Slate as featured here.

All of the colours in the Colonia Balmoral LVT range from Polyfloor are available from Herts Carpets, along with a huge number of different LVT, vinyl, laminate and wood flooring. Book a free consultation with our team today to discuss your flooring requirements, we will be very pleased to help.

Herts Carpets discuss flooring tiles at home

Herts Carpets are increasingly coming across flooring tiles as a viable floor covering. Traditionally these were more suited to offices and commercial buildings, however with an increasing variety and increase in the quality of the materials flooring materials may well be a cost effective and perfect flooring covering for your home.

We have included below some of our favourite information that we have found on the web regarding flooring tiles in Hertfordshire, we hope you enjoy! As ever, if you have any questions we are here to help you with all of your flooring questions and requirements.

When it comes to floor tiles, the sky is the limit. The vast array of choices available to consumers enables homeowners to fully indulge their creativity in a way that suits their own personal tastes and style preferences. Beyond the aesthetic lure of floor tiles, there are also the practical characteristics that make various ones appropriate for different purposes.

Tile flooring has become a popular decorating choice for a number of reasons. Consumers can easily find their favourite floor tiles to create the artistic vision in mind. Uses for floor tiles continue to expand as creative homeowners are now using them in other areas as well. Pioneering decorators have been known to use tiles on countertops and in bathrooms such as in shower stalls, creating beautiful new designs and surfaces that are easier to care for.

As mentioned above, floor tiles provide a great deal of stylistic versatility, accommodating virtually any room and decor. They are resistant and durable so that consumers receive good value for the money. And, at the end of the day, these tiles are very easy to maintain and clean.

Installing Floor Tiles Can Be Easy

Homeowners can even use tiles to help alleviate certain health concerns. Cork tiles, for example, are hypoallergenic and is most commonly installed in kitchens or other rooms where individuals are standing for extended periods of time. In addition, this particular kind of flooring is even more durable than hardwood floors. These surfaces are made from compressed cork oak trees and are naturally antimicrobial and even antifungal. These factors allow cork tiles to reduce allergens and increase the cleanliness of certain rooms. Floor tiles are also easily and readily available, even for the average Joe tackling his very first flooring project. Virtually any home improvement store, from bigger companies like Lowe’s and Home Depot to smaller hometown stores, carries floor tiles and the tools needed for proper installation. In fact, although it is a large and involved task, installing tiles is one of the most straightforward home renovation projects one can do.

Another antimicrobial kind of tiling includes vinyl floor tiles. These surfaces are very resistant to both mold and mildew. For this reason, these tiles are most commonly installed in kitchens and bathrooms for healthier homes. Besides their antimicrobial properties, vinyl tiles are very efficient in retaining heat during the winter, which can help reduce the cost of energy bills.

This makes them a great choice for installation in basements. Additionally, because vinyl tiles are now made to look like ceramic tiles, consumers get the same effect for a fraction of the cost. However, ceramic tiles are another good option in the pursuit of cleanliness. Although these floor tiles do not have the same antimicrobial properties as cork or vinyl, they do not harbor germs.

Choose floor tiles for durability

If it is indestructible floor tiling that homeowners seek, bamboo tiles will deliver. Although it is lightweight, this natural material is highly resistant to falls and other heavy impacts. Because it is available in a variety of shades, it is easy to find the kind of bamboo tiles that best suit any particular room.

Another highly durable kind of floor tile is the concrete one. Its unique combination of sand, water, stone, and cement makes the concrete tile an excellent choice for outdoor spaces like porches and patios. In fact, some consumers install concrete floor tiling for a roof due to its resistance to harsh climates.

Although floor tiles are typically very resilient, there are some mistakes that can be made which cause them to become damaged long before their time. Poor installation is the number one cause. When these tiles are installed over existing sub-floor, it creates an uneven and insecure foundation. This eventually causes the shifting of tiles and cracked grout, resulting in the need for the entire job to be redone.

In the bathroom, tiles are easily damaged by water. Regular maintenance and upkeep of bathroom plumbing, particularly of toilets, can help prevent damage. Toilet leaks can weaken and loosen grout, causing the tiles to be damaged. Excessive water pooling around the bathtub for whatever reason can cause the same problems with the tiles.

Even though tiles are generally much sturdier and longer lasting than hardwood floors and carpet, dropping very heavy items on them can cause them to crack. The solution here is simple. Simply be careful of what is happening can prevent unnecessary cracking of tiles. Other times it is simply faulty manufacturing that causes tiles to break. It may be that the tiles were not properly fired or that the materials contain some impurities that caused them to be weakened.

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We have also found some very useful information, with a particular focus on kitchen floor tiles as these do tend to be the most common area for people to have flooring tiles.

Kitchen Floor Tiles

The flooring of your kitchen play a vital role in the preparation of food. The kitchen floor tiles must endure the inevitable scratches, scrapes, drops, spills and dirt that can damage the floor. The durability and material of kitchen floor options entirely depend on your choice of tiles to cover the entire kitchen area.

Floor Tile Ideas

There are two common kitchen tile ideas to choose from. It only needs a little analysis and the proper design that goes with the entire concept of the kitchen theme. Glazed tiles are smooth and can easily be cleaned by simple mopping. Smooth kitchen floor tiles are classy and elegant in the modern kitchen. Unglazed tiles are non-skid making them safe from slips and falls. They need regular cleaning for proper sanitation and maintenance of their chic look.

Types of Tiles

There are various types of flooring that can fit into everybody’s needs according to kitchen designs and need of the homeowner. Natural slate stone tiles are durable, stain resistant and non-slip surface due to their textures; designed for the busy kitchen. Saltillo tiles are for Mediterranean designed kitchens that must be sealed and cleaned with wet cloth without chemicals. Granite kitchen tiles on the other hand, are durable but sensitive to liquid stains and scratches and rough objects exposed to them. This type of kitchen flooring must be cleaned often. Porcelain tiles are more durable and expensive than ceramics and they come in assorted colors. Ceramics kitchen tiles come in matte or glossy types in many colors. Travertine is a porous limestone that is usually sealed to prevent liquid and dirt absorption. It becomes slippery with drops of water or juice.

Floor Tiles Design

The first basis for kitchen tiles design is color. You can choose the right shade from the colors of the wall or the furniture and fixtures in your kitchen. Take note of your budget for the kitchen floor and you can narrow down your search for kitchen floor tiles. If you want easy to clean floor tiles after your food preparations, buy coated wood tiles or glazed tiles. Be sure to make an actual layout to finalize your kitchen flooring design before permanently attaching them to the floor.

Kitchen Floor Tile Advice

Step by step planning, purchasing and attaching floor tiles is very important to save further financial expenses, effort, and time in getting the kitchen of your dream. You must have a design or theme ready for the masons to work on. Choose the kitchen tiles according to your frequency in the kitchen. You need tiles that will provide safety and comfort to whoever will regularly use the kitchen. It is better to make your choices and plans before laying the first tile. Once it is attached, you will have to live with it for a long time until you decide to change it again.

Within your budget

The right choice of kitchen flooring is the most crucial part of a kitchen remodeling or designing. The most practical solution in selecting the right kitchen tiles to meet a certain budget is to eye for kitchen floor tiles sale. The next significant factor in tile selection is quality, durability, comfort in use and maintaining its sanitation and perfect condition.

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Choose your flooring tiles for your kitchen and property wisely, these can be a very cost effective and long lasting alternative to carpets, wood and laminates. Visit Herts Carpets for more information on all of our available flooring materials available.