Commercial Carpet Tiles in Hertfordshire

Herts Carpets has recently expanded our proposition by adding in commercial flooring options. We now offer a wide range of commercial carpet tiles in Hertfordshire, with over 400 different carpet tiles available to suit all budgets starting at £20 per meter fitted, along with contract flooring, luxury vinyl tiles (LVT) and much more.

Commercial Tiles

We have recently completed a job in Threads of Harpenden,, where we uplifted their existing carpet tiles, and replaced them with new tiles.

Matt Lenzie, Director of Herts Carpets said, “this is a great example of where we have identified a new segment for our business and applied our usual approach, which is providing high quality flooring products at very competitive prices, in this instances we saved our customer around £4,000 from their original quotation. We are seeking to grow our commercial flooring and contract flooring proposition over the coming weeks and months.”

Carpet Tile Hertfordshire

If you are looking for commercial or contract flooring, please contact us on 01727 701668 to get booked in for a free estimate – we hope that you will be pleasantly surprised with our prices!

We have included some images of the flooring which we fitted.


Carpet tiles versus traditional carpet

Residential Carpet Tiles

Carpet Tiles Versus Traditional Carpet

Carpet tiles have traditionally been focused for the commercial marketplace, although it is increasingly popular to have carpet tiles in residential properties. There are a significant number of reasons why carpet tiles are useful some of which we have included below.

Carpeting has had a long and storied history that dates all the way back to the 3rd millennium BC, nearly 4000 years ago. Found in Siberia, the oldest surviving carpet is thought to have been created in the 5th century BC. Traditionally, carpets were handmade, composed of thousands of knots intricately woven together to form beautiful works of art too valuable to put on the floor and walk on. Sadly, carpet technology remained virtually unchanged for thousands of years.

The 1930’s changed the carpet industry forever. A few entrepreneurs figured out a method of using a machine to make carpets, and almost overnight they were an item that the emerging middle-class could splurge on. It wasn’t until the late 1950’s with the introduction of synthetic fibers that wall-to-wall carpeting in homes become common-place.

More recently, carpet tiles, a concept nearly as old as carpets themselves, have been modernized. Introduced to the US in the late 1980’s, have been a popular choice for offices and other commercial spaces. Today, carpet tiles are available in assorted sizes and virtually as many colors and styles as regular carpeting.

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We have included below a video of installing carpet tiles, demonstrating how quickly they can be laid.

Advantages of Carpet Tiles

  • Easy to install

  • Easy to transport – boxes to fit in the back of your car.

  • Easy to lay on top of laminate/vinyl/concrete with no need for underlay.

  • Easy to fit in awkward shaped rooms.

  • Easy to clean and if a tile is damaged, you can simply replace the tile rather than the whole floor.

  • Easy to lift and take with you if you move home, particularly if you are renting.

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Herts Carpets believe that using carpet tiles for flooring is a modern approach to flooring, nevertheless we will accommodate our clients requirements for both carpets and carpet tiles where required!