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Lyon 73 Portland Carpet Fitted In St Albans

Herts Carpets the St Albans carpet and flooring supplier fitted Lyon 73 Portland Carpet from our Lyon Carpet range which is a 2 ply twist pile carpet. Herts Carpets offer literally thousands of different flooring materials including carpets, vinyl, laminate, wood flooring and LTV to our customers across Hertfordshire, Bedfordshire and Buckinghamshire.

The Lyon Carpet range is available in 10 different colours from Valley Wholesale carpets. We fitted the following:

Lyon Stairs Carpet St Albans
Lyon Portland Stairs Carpet St Albans

Hallway stairs and landing in carpet
10mm underlay
Uplift and dispose of old carpets
Lyon 73 Portland
5.80 x 4m

The Lyon Carpet range was fitted in the colour Portland for our customer Jenny in St Albans, Hertfordshire.

The Lyon Carpet range is available in both an action backing and a felt backing and is available in both 4 and 5 meter rolls. The range is manufactured using polypropylene.

Heritage 174 Pearl Carpet for Stairs, Landing & 2 x Bedrooms Installed in Harpenden

Herts Carpets the Harpenden flooring company has fitted Heritage 174 Pearl Carpet for our customer based in Harpenden. The Heritage Carpet range is supplied by Valley Wholesale carpets, it is a soft touch polyester saxony carpet range.

We supplied the following:

Stairs landing bedroom x2
10mm underlay
Silver door bars
9 open stairs

Soft Touch Polyester Carpet
Soft touch polyester saxony carpet
Stairs carpet

The Heritage range of carpets is available in a luxury combi backing and is available in both 4 and 5 meter widths.

Salamanca Platinum Soft Touch Twist Pile Carpet Fitted In Hitchin

Herts Carpets the St Albans Carpet and flooring business recently fitted Salamanca Platinum carpet for our customer in Hitchin, Hertfordshire.

The Salamanca range of carpets is available from Valley Wholesale Carpets.

We fitted: 4 x bedrooms stairs landing in carpet:
10mm underlay
Silver trims
Uplift and dispose of old carpets
Move furniture
Salamanca platinum
6.45 x 4m
2.40 x 4m
4.10 x 4m
3.70 x 4m

Salamanca Platinum Carpet Hitchin

The Salamanca range has the following specification: 4 and 5 meter, Soft touch twist pile carpet, Hessian backing, Secondary backing gel.

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Megastar Carpet Fitted in Hatfield Bedroom

Herts Carpets the St Albans based flooring company fitted Megastar Mocha, colour code 6817 carpet for our customer Diane in Hatfield, Hertfordshire on Monday 1st March. The Megastar range of carpets is available in a range of 9 different colours.

Megastar 6817 Mocha Carpet
Hatfield Bedroom Carpet

The Megastar carpet range is a loop pile carpet which is extremely robust and is available in both 4 and 5 meter rolls in both felt and an action backing.

Book a free estimate with our team today, and we will get you booked in for a free estimate. Herts Carpets provide high quality carpets across Hertfordshire, Bedfordshire and Buckinghamshire. We offer in excess of 4,000 different products to our customers via our mobile estimating service, meaning that we provide a convenient flooring service to our customers in their own.

Strada Moonlight Carpet fitted in Bedroom in Hatfield, Hertfordshire

Herts Carpets fitted the following Strada Twist Carpet in Moonlight for our customer Barry in Hatfield, Hertfordshire on Monday 1st April. This was fitted as a bedroom carpet for our customer.

Strada Bedroom Carpet
Strada Moonlight Bedroom Carpet

Herts Carpets offer a wide range of high quality flooring options at extremely competitive prices, we cover the whole of Hertfordshire, Bedfordshire and Buckinghamshire.

Strada is a twist carpet which is available in both a felt back and an action back. The range is available in 10 colours.

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Easy Living Pigeon Carpet Installed in Kimpton

Herts Carpets the St Albans based flooring company completed a carpet installation for our customer Holly in Kimpton, Harpenden, on Monday 1st April. Our customer chose our best selling carpet Easy Living from Valley Wholesale Carpets.

The flooring materials look fantastic, as you can no doubt see from the pictures.

The Easy Living Range of carpets is a heavy domestic twist pile carpet with a 5.5mm pile height carpet, the full specification is outlined below, the carpet is only available in a felt backing and is available in 9 colours, this job was fitted using pigeon which is one of the most popular colours available.

NameEasy Living Carpet
Pile Height5.5mm
Material100% Polypropylene
BackingFelt Backing
StyleTwist Pile
Easy Living Stairs Carpet

Herts Carpets our work July 2016

July was a busy month for Herts Carpets with a wide range of different jobs which we have completed, including a large commercial space and a wide variety of individual carpets across Hertfordshire throughout the month.

We have included below what we think are the highlights (we are still working on getting these photo’s better) but hopefully this should give you a clear idea on the variety of different types of flooring, carpets and colours that we can provide.

If you are seeking flooring for your home or commercial business, please visit our website, Herts Carpets and we would be delighted to help!

IMG-20160803-WA0062 IMG-20160803-WA0063 IMG-20160803-WA0064 IMG-20160803-WA0065 IMG-20160803-WA0066 IMG-20160803-WA0067 IMG-20160803-WA0068 IMG-20160803-WA0069 IMG-20160803-WA0070 IMG-20160803-WA0071 IMG-20160803-WA0072 IMG-20160803-WA0073 IMG-20160803-WA0074 IMG-20160803-WA0075 IMG-20160803-WA0076 IMG-20160803-WA0077 IMG-20160803-WA0078 IMG-20160803-WA0079 IMG-20160803-WA0080 IMG-20160803-WA0081 IMG-20160803-WA0082 IMG-20160803-WA0083 IMG-20160803-WA0084 IMG-20160803-WA0085Hert

Hertfordshire Carpets – Our Work June 2016

The past few weeks has been very busy for Herts Carpets, and we have been supplying and fitting carpets across Hertfordshire. We have fitted a number of new carpets along with vinyl flooring for a number of new customers. Please find included below some of our recent work.

We have also created a new video showcasing our work, which is included below:


Herts Carpets Recent Work Stairs Preperation Herts Carpets Recent Work Stairs Completed Herts Carpets Purple Stairs Carpet Herts Carpets Stairs Downwards Herts Carpets Large Room Herts Carpets Large Room Completed Herts Carpets Stairs Corner Carpet Herts Carpets Grey Carpet Stairs Bottom Herts Carpets Stairs Prep Turn Herts Carpets Vinyl meeting Grey Carpet Herts Carpet Kitchen Floor Herts Carpet Kitchen Floor 2 Herts Carpet Kitchen Floor 3 Herts Carpet Kitchen 4 Herts Carpet Vinyl Doorway Herts Carpet Vinyl into Kitchen Herts Carpets Brown Small Bedroom Herts Carpets Brown Landing Herts Carpets Striped Carpet Stairs Herts Carpets Striped Carpet Bottom of Stairs Herts Carpets Stair Shot

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Carpet Fitting in Hertfordshire – A Guide

Carpet Fitting Hertfordshire

A simple installation of a quality carpet can bring a dramatic effect in your house changing the colour and also the acoustics of the property.  However, the process of fitting a carpet is not as easy it may appear from searching the perfect carpet up to the fitting of the carpet.  When choosing a carpet, Carpets Hertfordshire recommends you to find a carpet with very high quality underlay which is much more comfortable underfoot. Aside from that, the carpet will also last long compare to those with poor cushioning. After choosing your preferred carpet, it is now time for your carpet fitting.  In order to do it perfectly and aesthetically pleasing, follow this short guide by Carpet Fitting Hertfordshire.

Carpet Fitting Guide by the Herts Carpets team, specialising in Flooring Hertfordshire

Before you decide to lay your carpet, let us first tell you that carpet fitting can be a daunting experience for the novice.  If you want to make sure, and you hate compromising the quality of the result, we recommend you to hire the service of a Carpet Fitter in Hertfordshire.  On the other hand, if you are pretty confident that you can do it on your own, here is a short guide that you can follow.

  1. Using Gripper in Some Areas-It takes someone knowledgeable regarding flooring Hertfordshire in order to create a professional carpet fitting.  It is important to start of with gripper, which is initially nailed to the floor. This then serves to keep the carpet stretched and held in place. To do this you place the nail near the edge of fitting gripper.  Use a long bar that will hold the nails.  Hit the long bar in order to keep it in place.  When installing a gripper, you need to find the pipes and electrical wires first and then mark it.  In places that present a danger in using nails, use adhesive instead in keeping the gripper in place.
  1. Underlay-After installing the Gripper, the underlay for the carpets should first be laid.  Roll the underlay and secure it using a staple gun.  Fix the rows by using a duct tape or a carpet tape that is available at Herts Carpets.
  2. Laying the Carpet- Lay first your carpet loosely.  Stand on one edge of the room and start pushing the carpet using your foot.  On the off chance that you need to cut the Carpets, you can do so but remember to leave an overlap on the edge.
  1. Cutting the excess- When cutting the excess, you should start by cutting the Carpets Hertfordshire in a vertical position. 
  1. Start the Fitting- Look at the longer part of your room.  Start fitting your Carpet on that area first by using a tucker.
  1. Using Carpet Stretcher-With the help of a carpet stretcher, the Carpets Hertfordshire can perfectly fit on the surface.  By using a carpet tucker, push the excess carpet down into the gripper.

In case that you find this procedure very difficult or you get stuck, you are very welcome to contact Herts Carpets, who specialise in Carpet Fitting in Hertfordshire.