Carpets for Hall, Stairs and Landings in Hertfordshire

Choosing a flooring material for your hall, stairs and landing can be a difficult process, this is typically a high traffic area and naturally it is an area for a high probablility for spillages and accidents with drinks or food being taken up or downstairs, this is particularly noticeable with children or pets.

If you are selective and choose the right flooring materials it is possible to make a real feature out of your stairs and landing. Here Herts Carpets give some thoughts and tips on which carpets for your stairs and landing are best.

Create a warm, welcoming look in your hallway with a new stair carpet. A stair carpet or runner can instantly transform a once-dark hallway into an inviting space. You’ll find a wide choice available including classic stripes, plains and even charming polka dot designs. Even if you opt for hard wood flooring for the rest of your hallway, a carpet on the staircase will reduce noise and feel soft and comfortable underfoot.

Carpet is a winner if draughts are an issue. It’s important to consider the material as halls have a high traffic volume. Choose a hard-wearing material such as sisal or coir. Pale-coloured flooring brightens up a small area, but it might stain. A grey or taupe may be more suitable than cream – or try a pattern. Stripes draw the eye along the design and appear to elongate the area.


An extremely popular choice throughout 2016 has been using striped carpets. These can divert away from any unsightly stains which will naturally occur if the carpet is getting normal usage.

Striped carpet for stairs

A staircase isn’t simply a functional aspect of a home that takes you from A to B. In fact, transforming a staircase into a feature using stripes has become increasingly popular in recent years.

Why are stripes taking precedence on staircases all over the country and how should you be using them in your home?


If you’re clued in about fashion, you’ll know that wearing vertical stripes can give you the illusion of height – and they have exactly the same effect on staircases.

Striped Carpet Hertfordshire

Vertical stripes create the illusion of space by elongating your stairs. The way your home looks can have a huge impact on the way it feels. So, stripes really can help make your home feel airy and open.

Busy stripes are great at concealing dirt and wear and tear; making it the perfect choice of patterned carpet for high traffic areas like your stairs.


The hallway and staircase are often the first features guests will see so you want them to make a good first impression. If the carpet in the hallway is a neutral colour like off-white or beige then going for bright stripes makes a bold fashion statement and immediately draws the eye.

Black, grey and white stripes on the staircase look fabulous next to a plain white or cream carpet and give your home a contemporary look. Different widths jazz up the look and give your home a bit of an edge too.

Striped Carpets Hertfordshire 2

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Here at Herts Carpets we firmly believe that stripes on carpets can be a very effective way of giving a bit of colour to your property whilst providing a hard wearing and comfortable flooring material to your property. To get a quote for your hall stairs and landing carpets across Hertfordshire, click here.