Carpet Types in Hertfordshire

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Herts Carpets discuss some of the common carpets types that are commonly available, we stock a full range of carpet materials and can provide an immediate quotation for carpet supply and fitting for our customers.

Berber Carpets

Berber carpets are large loop carpets. They are usually used in high-traffic areas. Berbers are not as “homey” looking as other types of carpets and are used in fewer and fewer homes than in past years. Nylon, olefin, and wool are the most common materials, and the size of loops and cut pile varies for each manufacturer.

Frieze Carpets                      

Frieze carpets are tightly twisted yarns, usually low pile. They are used in medium to heavy traffic areas. Frieze carpets retain their appearance much longer if BCF fibers are used. Frieze carpets are available in solid and multicolor. They are sometimes called “short shags”.

Level Loop Carpets

Level loop carpets are used more often in high traffic commercial installations. The pile surface of level loop carpets is the same height, and it provides an even-textured casual look.. They are sometimes used in home offices.

Saxony Carpets

Saxony carpets have a cut pile finish. They have a lush, velvety look. Saxony carpets are highly desired for formal areas, but can be used throughout other parts of the home. Textured Saxony carpets are for those who like the cut pile look of Saxony carpets, but would prefer not to have vacuum marks and footprints. The textured Saxony finish is not as smooth as Saxony, and is very popular for those who prefer a less formal look.

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Our most popular carpets are the Saxony finishes, which are very well designed and definitely are most hard wearing whilst not showing too many marks.

Most popular fiber

In terms of carpet fibers, the most popular is nylon, chosen 9 out of 10 times for residential applications for its durability and because it’s static free. Nylon fibers maintain their color integrity because they are dyed post-production. Nylon is the best selling carpet fiber because it takes heavy furniture and high traffic well without collapsing under the pressure, it is resistant to mildew, stains and soil and can be produced in vibrant colors.

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The best selling carpet type is one that wears well, comes in colors that are popular at the time, is relatively easy to clean and features a look that won’t date quickly or be out of fashion before it’s even finished being laid.


Textured cut pile is by far and away the most popular choice when people go shopping for carpets. Considering that most people like value for their money, a range of options to choose from and that they don’t want to be a slave to their floor coverings, textured styles are the best selling carpet type … unless you have money to burn, in which case, you can go for any style you could possibly want. With unlimited resources, you can afford to replace your carpet on a whim and you can pay someone to keep it looking beautiful for you.


Families typically choose textured carpets because of the durability combined with the soft feel. In a home where comfort is of paramount importance, you need something that feels good under foot, that looks great, matches the décor and won’t look like something the cat dragged in after just a few months. What makes textured carpets the best selling carpet type for families is that they work in casual rooms as well as in more formal areas of the house. Lay the same carpet in the dining room as you would in the home theater room where everyone lays around on the floor, or kicks their shoes off to relax.

Good looks, easy care

Resistant to crushing, textured cut pile looks good whether you walk on it dozens of times a day or the room is away from pedestrian traffic altogether. It doesn’t need to be vacuumed in any particular direction, so you can take a welcome break from those impossible track marks that some carpets inspire. You also won’t see footprints indicating who’s walked where! You could buy the world’s best carpet, glorious, luxurious and sumptuous, only to have to avoid walking on it in case it spoils the pile. No, stick to textured styles and enjoy life instead!

You may not realize this but textured cut pile carpets are usually created using a single color, but by adding twists to some of the tufts, the random directions they sit in help to reflect light back in a different way. That’s what makes it look like you have a two-tone carpet. Those carpets in which the extra twists are given to every tuft are known as Saxony carpets. Saxony is the best selling carpet type of the textured cuts because the visibility of footprints and vacuum tracks is even less evident.

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