Carpet Recycling

Carpet recycling

Damaged Carpet

When you have had your carpets changed, getting the old carpet recycled can be an environmentally friendly way of disposing of it. Herts Carpets discuss some of the ways that you can dispose of carpet in Hertfordshire.

If the carpets are in good or reasonable condition:

  • Get the carpets advertised online and make some money! Get the carpets advertised on ebay or Gumtree and you will potentially be able to sell them.
  • Alternatively put up an ad in your local corner shop or notice board.

In addition you can donate your carpet to other people via various platforms, including:

Alternatively if you don’t want to sell them offer them friends and family who may be interested in some of the carpet, you may be doing them a favour and saving them money!

However, if the carpets are not in such good condition, you can dispose of them in a number of ways, some of which may get you some revenue, but more importantly ensuring that the carpet is having a secondary use and minimal environmental impact.

  • Surprisingly local gardeners may be interested in using old carpet, it can be used for compost heaps and vegetable plots (you couldn’t make this up!).
  • It is also possible to use the carpet as the base for a pond, so garden maintenance companies may well be interested.
  • Use your carpet as a frost protection device for your car windscreen.
  • Local animal shelters are always looking for used or second hand carpets, as this is a great way of keeping animals warm and comfortable whilst being cost effective.

Alternatively in Hertfordshire the council will recycle carpets, for further information visit:

Herts Carpets will assist by removing carpet from our customers premises if required, but this will come at a cost, as unfortunately we are not able to dispose of carpets in the local tips for free, and we have to pay a surcharge. Therefore we are happy to assist with our customers by removing the carpets, but obviously can’t make a loss on the disposal! We hope you understand.

If you are looking for new carpets, book a consultation with a member of our team today, and get the new carpets in!