Herts Carpets Now Offer Karndean Flooring

Herts Carpets the St Albans based flooring and carpet supplier now have access to Karndean flooring. This is part of an ongoing strategy to include an increased range of flooring materials to our customers.

Matt Lenzie, Managing Director of Herts Carpets said: “we are extremely pleased to add Karndean flooring to our roster. We have a number of other LVT, laminate and wood flooring products, but we see the addition of Karndean as an important part of our growth plans. We are in the process of expanding our flooring ranges, so keep a look out for a number of other announcements over the coming weeks and months.”

Herts Carpets Ltd operates across Hertfordshire, covering St Albans, Harpenden, Radlett, Watford, Hemel Hempstead, Hatfield, Stevenage and much more. We have also now expanded our reach into the Hertfordshire/Essex borders covering Harlow, Stanstead Abbots, Loughton and Enfield, along with Bedfordshire and Buckinghamshire.

To book an estimate with Herts Carpets Ltd:

Email: info@hertscarpets.com

Tel: 01727 228000

Web: www.hertscarpets.com/flooring-hertfordshire/

Herts Carpets Launches New Branding and Expands Team

Herts Carpets Logo

Herts Carpets the St Albans based carpets and flooring business is pleased to introduce our new branding. This includes a new logo, a new website which is currently under development, along with the exciting news that we are expanding our team and locations that we cover!

Herts Carpets was established in October 2016 and has quickly become one of Hertfordshire’s leading flooring suppliers. We have a team of 6 fitters, 2 estimators and are constantly looking to improve both our response times to our customer.

Matt Lenzie Managing Director of Herts Carpets said:

“We have invested heavily both in our technology and our team, we have recently commenced the process of integrating a new CRM system, with a new digital marketing strategy which we hope will take our business to the next phase.

We have in addition expanded our team which increases our reach outside of Hertfordshire, so we now cover Bedfordshire, Buckinghamshire and most recently the Hertfordshire/Essex borders.

We have a new measuring-up process which we will be implementing over the next few months which should further improve both the speed and detail on the quotations which we provide. In turn this process should increase the work which we win.

We have expanded our range of flooring materials further, and now offer over 5,000 different flooring products to our customers. These include; wood flooring, laminate flooring, LVT flooring, vinyl flooring and a huge range of carpets.

For further information, or to book an estimate, please contact us:

Email; info@hertscarpets.com

Tel; 01727 228000 (please note our new telephone number)

Office; Unit 10 Verulam Industrial Estate, London Road, St Albans, Herts, AL1 1JB.

Commercial Carpet Tiles in Hertfordshire

Herts Carpets has recently expanded our proposition by adding in commercial flooring options. We now offer a wide range of commercial carpet tiles in Hertfordshire, with over 400 different carpet tiles available to suit all budgets starting at £20 per meter fitted, along with contract flooring, luxury vinyl tiles (LVT) and much more.

Commercial Tiles

We have recently completed a job in Threads of Harpenden, https://www.facebook.com/ThreadsOfHarpenden/, where we uplifted their existing carpet tiles, and replaced them with new tiles.

Matt Lenzie, Director of Herts Carpets said, “this is a great example of where we have identified a new segment for our business and applied our usual approach, which is providing high quality flooring products at very competitive prices, in this instances we saved our customer around £4,000 from their original quotation. We are seeking to grow our commercial flooring and contract flooring proposition over the coming weeks and months.”

Carpet Tile Hertfordshire

If you are looking for commercial or contract flooring, please contact us on 01727 701668 to get booked in for a free estimate – we hope that you will be pleasantly surprised with our prices!

We have included some images of the flooring which we fitted.


Herts Carpets Expands it’s flooring range

Herts Carpets Ltd the St Albans based flooring supplier is pleased to confirm that it has expanded its flooring range and we now offer carpets and flooring from the following manufacturers:



The Alternative Flooring Co

Associated Weavers

Axminster Carpets




Beauflor Vinyl






Carpets of Kidderminster






Dan Floor

Distinctive Flooring




Flooring Industries



Furlong Flooring

Gaskells Woolrich


Girloon Carpets


Halls Flooring



Ideal Carpets



IVC Vinyl



Kersaint Cobb


Krono Laminate


Louis De Poortere



Master Weavers



Mr Tomkindson

Natural Weaving Co






Quadrant Modular



Regency Carpets


Shaw Carpets

Sit In




The Wilton Carpet Factory

Thomas Witters






Whitestone Weavers

Wilton Royal

Woodward Grosvenor

Wool Classics



We offer highly competitive flooring quotations on all of the above, and would be pleased to assist with a free consultation available to all customers. Contact us today for further details.


Herts Carpets Launches New Website!

Herts Carpets Ltd the St Albans based carpet and flooring supplier is pleased to confirm the launch of our new website!




Matt Lenzie Managing Director of Herts Carpets said: “we are pleased that the revised website is now available to our customers this is part of our second phase for our business and the eventual aim is to have a full shop experience for our customers.

Our business has grown well over the past 10 months, and we felt that the time was right for a re-fresh, which is part of our evolution.

In other news, the team has now engaged with it’s fourth carpet and flooring fitter, so the team is growing relatively quickly, along with the appointment of a part time social media and website manager.”

Herts Carpets provide high quality flooring materials at very competitive prices, across Hertfordshire and Bedfordshire, if you are interested in our products, please contact us today, and we would be very pleased to assist with your flooring requirements.

Herts Carpets Ltd

Unit 10, Verulam Industrial Estate,

London Road,

St Albans,



Tel: 01727 701668

Email: hertscarpets@gmail.com

Carpet On TV Show The Apprentice Is Not Up To Scratch Say Viewers!

Eagle eyed viewers of the UK TV show fronted by Sir Alan Sugar have spotted that the carpet in the waiting area for the “boardroom” where a lot of the action takes place have noticed that it has been badly laid.


Viewers of the TV show are expressing concern for the safety of the candidates within the TV show, as they are potentially risking falling over the ruffled flooring material!

Herts Carpets the Hertfordshire based carpet and flooring suppliers have offered to replace the carpet at very competitive rates, so please Sir Alan, get in touch, it would be our pleasure to do some business with you 😉

Level Loop Pile Carpets Hertfordshire

Level Loop Pile Carpets Hertfordshire

Level Loop Pile Carpets HertfordshireA level loop pile carpet is manufactured by a loop structure. The loops of the thread or yard are evenly looped into the backing material of the carpet at both ends. Level loop pile carpets are extremely hard wearing and are considered to be one of the more durable types of carpet. Loop pile carpets will typically have a natural appearance despite the carpets often being manufactured using synthetic materials.

There are a range of different height of loops which can be achieved with higher pile carpets creating a more luxurious effect. However, the higher the loops the more difficult the carpet will be to clean as fibres and dirt can potentially get trapped under the loops of the level loop pile carpet.

Level loop pile carpet can be used in high traffic areas, although this type of carpet is not recommended for houses with pets, due to the loops in the carpet, as this will potentially get snagged by pets claws, which can result in damage to the loops.

Level loop pile carpets are manufactured in a wide range of materials, although the most popular are synthetic fibres, or a blend of synthetic fibres with wool.

In terms of maintenance, level loop pile carpets are relatively easy to maintain and they will require a weekly vacuum, and an annual professional clean. The vacuuming is design to pull up any stray materials and the professional clean will dislodge any stray materials and dirt which is trapped underneath the fibres. Regular cleaning will ensure that you maintain your level loop pile carpet for the maximum useful life.

Herts Carpets provide level loop pile carpets in St Albans, Watford, Radlett, Bushey, Borehamwood, London Colney, Hatfield, Welwyn Garden City, Hemel Hempstead, Harpenden and across the remainder of the county.

Contact us today to book in an estimate with a member of our team.

Saxony Carpets Hertfordshire

Saxony Carpets Hertfordshire

Saxony Carpet HertfordshireA Saxony carpet is made of twisted fibres which are designed to stand up straight with a cut loop pile. Saxony carpets are designed to be extremely comfortable with a soft and comfortable feeling underfoot. Saxony carpets are typically hard wearing whilst giving a luxurious feel through bedrooms and living areas, due to their construction they are also relatively hardwearing and long lasting.

Our clients love Saxony carpets. They have the comfort and luxury feel that most people desire in their homes. Due to the nature of their construction they do leave marks from footprints and from vacuuming therefore we do not advise our clients to use them in the more highly trafficked areas of properties. That said it is possible to get textured Saxony carpets which will cover these marks up.

Leaving furniture on a Saxony carpet will inevitably leave indentations, therefore if you do want a Saxony carpet in your living room it is recommended that you get a Saxony textured carpet as this will make sure that you don’t end up with unsightly dips in your carpet. Alternatively you can periodically shift the furnishings in the room to ensure that the dips in the carpet do not get too big.

Ensuring that you clean your Saxony carpet is extremely important to ensure that you maintain its lifespan. If treated properly a Saxony carpet can last for between 15-20 years. To do this your Saxony carpet will need vacuuming on a weekly basis, with a professional carpet clean at least once per year. This stops dirt and grit getting into the carpet fibres and ensuring that the carpet is maintained in its best possible form.

Herts Carpets offer a wide range of Saxony carpets with both plain, textured and coloured Saxony carpets available from us. These tend not to be the cheapest ranges, however, they look and feel great when fitted.

Contact us today to get a quotation for your Saxony Carpet in Hertfordshire, we provide carpets in St Albans, Radlett, Watford, Bushey, Borehamwood, Hatfield, Welwyn Garden City, Hemel Hempstead and Harpenden, plus many more locations!

Loop Pile Carpets Hertfordshire

Loop Pile Carpets Hertfordshire


A loop pile carpet is made from uncut loops of material which are looped through the carpet fabric and are typically available both flat and textured depending on the finish which is desired and also the material which is selected. Cut pile carpets are typically loop pile carpets where the loops have been cut!

The loops in a loop pile carpet will typically have rugged appearance, and these carpets are generally considered to be one of the more hardwearing types of carpets and are appropriate for higher traffic areas, such as hallways and stairs.

Loop pile carpets provide a contemporary and comfortable finish for your flooring requirements and are an ideal carpet for families or higher traffic households.

Loop pile carpets are typically not recommended for households with pets, as pets claws can (sometimes intentionally) get into the loops which will in turn cause threads to be pulled across the carpets, which can be a fiddly and sometimes costly accident to rectify.

A loop pile carpet can be expected to last above 15 years if it is correctly maintained and well treated. Herts Carpets recommend for all carpets that you hoover at least once per week, and then get the carpet professionally cleaned at least once per year. This will reduce the grit and fibres that get caught up in the carpet and reduce the speed at which it deteriorates along with reducing the stains contained on the carpet.

Loop pile carpets can be manufactured from a wide range of different materials, from synthetic fibres to wool. Synthetic fibres tend to be cheaper, and also are generally more stain resistant which can be useful for households with children.

Loop pile carpets, depending on the material from which they are manufactured, do tend to be very soft and are generally an extremely comfortable carpet underfoot.

Herts Carpets offer a wide range of Loop Pile Carpets across Hertfordshire, including Carpets in St Albans, Carpets in Harpenden, Carpets in Radlett, Carpets in Watford, Carpets in Hemel Hempstead, Carpets in Welwyn Garden City and Carpets in Hatfield.

Contact us today to get a quote for your loop pile carpets, a member of our team will be pleased to come to your property with samples and measure up.